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Free Shipping on All U.S. Orders

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    Let your lashes do the smiling.


    Before and After:
    • Women reported noticeable results after just 21 days
    • Women with sensitive skin reported no reddening
    • Women reported an improved appearance of lash length & thickness
    • Women indicated they would purchase again



    Babes need big lashes.


    How to Use:
    • Apply serum across the base of your lash line
    • Thoroughly cover the each lash near the base
    • Apply once daily. AM or PM is ok.
    • Let it dry. Makeup can be applied over dryer serum.


    *Results vary and cannot be guaranteed.


    Only the best for you, babe.


    Triple Peptide Blend

    Three separate super-proteins your lashes will drink up. These powerful chain-amino-acids boost the appearance, giving the look of long lashes.

    Apple Stem Cell Extract

    Extracted directly from Green Apple Cells, this can reduce the appearance of aging and combat thin-looking eyelashes. Give your lashes a natural yet bold look.

    Green Tea Extract

    Soothe, hydrate and brighten, Green Tea packs a triple punch to early signs of aging, dark circles and eye-area puffiness.

    Lavender Flower Extract

    Detoxifying, healing and naturally balancing. Known to aid the detoxing process too.


    View the full list of ingredients here



    Questions? We got you babe.


    Is the Lash Enhance Safe?

    When creating this product we decided to say no to any dangerous ingredients that could cause issues for your sensitive areas. The only ingredients used are premium, clean and non-toxic.

    Does It Really Work?

    Our serum is pretty much a protein boost for your lash line, it has only the best collagen boosting ingredients to ensure you notice results fast. The top-tier ingredients in the Lash Enhance are there to encourage the appearance of longer and thicker lashes that create lasting results.

    How Long Does A Bottle Last?

    If used as directed (Once daily on top and bottom lash line) the bottle is expected to last up to two months. You won’t ever have to worry about running out, auto-replenishment ensures you won’t miss a day without your Lash Enhance.

    More questions?

    Check out more info in our full customer care section here, or email us at


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